• Lillee Sim Avatar
    Lillee Sim
    9/15/2019 - Google

    First experience with Myanmar cleaner. Good and fast. It was a pleasant experience and customer service was good from Blue Rabbit.

  • Emmie K Avatar
    Emmie K
    9/13/2019 - Google

    Overall experience has been positive. Customer service is responsive and helpful. Cleaner assigned completes her duties well and has good time management.

  • Jessie Pah Avatar
    Jessie Pah
    9/13/2019 - Google

    Aini is pleasant to have. She is receptive to instruction given.
    She ensure she fulfills her time to dot, not leaving earlier when task given is done.
    Happy to have met Blue Rabbit home service

  • Lin Wei Avatar
    Lin Wei
    7/26/2019 - Google

    Appreciate this cleaning service.
    Helps us to maintain our toilet cleaniness and living room.

  • Seline Han Avatar
    Seline Han
    3/15/2019 - Google

    I had a pleasant experience with this Agency. Customer service was good, reliable and follow-up at different stages was done appropriately. The helper assigned to me was punctual and able to complete ... read more

Our Service Promise To You

Experienced General House Cleaners

  • Female cleaners who are experienced, trustworthy & legal
  • All cleaners have undergone skills training & assessments
  • We do not outsource our cleaners to ensure cleaning quality

Customer Service

  • Understanding your cleaning needs & preferences
  • Matching you with the most suitable cleaner
  • Helping you manage your cleaning schedule

A Part-Time General House Cleaning Service With A Social Mission


Empowering Disadvantaged Individuals Through Meaningful Employment. Together, We Provide A Reliable & Convenient Part-Time General House Cleaning Service That Enriches The Lives Of Families & Communities Now & For The Future.


How Does Blue Rabbit Work?

Having good chemistry between you & your assigned cleaner is highly important to us. Therefore, understanding your cleaning needs & preferences is important for us to match the most suitable cleaner to you! 😊

Step 1

Arrange A Call!

Just Schedule A Call With Us!
We won't pressure you to sign up or upsell you into a more expensive cleaning plan with us. We'll always be upfront with you if Blue Rabbit isn't the best fit for you & your family! We take our customer service very seriously.

Step 2

Your Preferences!

The Right Fit
By understanding your preferences, we would be able to recommend to you a cleaner who we think has the best fit with you. We this would led to an awesome part-time general house cleaning experience for you! Additionally, we would try our best to arrange your part-time general house cleaning to your most convenience schedule.

Step 3

What Are Your House Cleaning Tasks?

A Cleaning Plan
This is a generic list of cleaning tasks that we provide. If you have any other cleaning task(s) not listed here, please check with our customer service team on how they can assist you!

Living Room
Interior Windows
Folding of clothing
Step 4

Live Your Life While
We Handle Things

Sit back & there is nothing for you to worry about!
Our customer service team would help you coordinate so that our cleaner will arrive on time & on the day of your scheduled cleaning. When our cleaner arrive with a smile, you can use your precious time to do more important things & enjoy life!

Step 5

Feedback &
Make Payment 🙂

Your Cleaning Experience Is Important To Us!
Please feedback to us your overall cleaning experience with us. If you like the cleaner assigned to you, do let us know so we can permentantly assign her to you!
If there is anything that you are unhappy with, please let us know within 1 day after your cleaning session so we can provide you with the necessary arrangements or refunds.

Don’t worry, though!

This won’t be a sales call.

We won’t pressure you to sign up immediately with us or upsell you unnecessary extra cleaning hours. We will always be honest & upfront with you if Blue Rabbit is suitable for you & your family.

It is important for us to find the right cleaner that can matches with you

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